Code of Conduct

  1. Introduction
    • At GetOnYoga, we’re committed to fostering a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for all our members, instructors, partners, and staff. This Code of Conduct outlines the expectations and standards that guide our interactions and behaviors within our virtual and onsite classes, retreats, and all related activities.
  2. General Principles
    • Respect for Others:
      • Treat all individuals with dignity, courtesy, and respect, regardless of their background, beliefs, or abilities.
    • Integrity:
      • Act honestly and ethically in all dealings with members, staff, and partners.
    • Safety:
      • Prioritize the safety and well-being of yourself and others during all activities, whether virtual or physical.
    • Confidentiality:
      • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of personal information shared within the community.
  3. Participant Conduct
    • Virtual Classes
      • Punctuality:
        • Arrive on time for scheduled sessions.
      • Attentiveness:
        • Remain focused and engaged during virtual classes.
      • Appropriate Attire:
        • Wear suitable clothing that allows for comfortable movement.
      • Respectful Communication:
        • Use polite language and observe proper netiquette.
    • Onsite Classes & Retreats
      • Compliance with Rules:
        • Follow all rules and guidelines provided by the hosting venue or organization.
      • Personal Boundaries:
        • Respect personal space and boundaries of others.
      • Environmental Stewardship:
        • Be mindful of the surroundings and minimize waste or environmental impact.
      • Alcohol & Substance Policy:
        • Abide by the rules regarding the consumption of alcohol or substances, if applicable.
  4. Instructor Conduct
    • Professionalism:
      • Uphold professional standards and provide a welcoming environment for all participants.
    • Inclusivity:
      • Adapt teaching methods to accommodate diverse needs and abilities.
    • Transparency:
      • Clearly communicate expectations, requirements, and any potential risks.
    • Conflict Resolution:
      • Address any concerns or conflicts promptly and fairly.
  5. Reporting & Enforcement
    • Responsibility:
      • All participants, instructors, and staff are responsible for adhering to this Code of Conduct.
    • Reporting:
      • If you witness or experience conduct that violates this Code, please report it promptly to GetOnYoga via [email protected].
    • Enforcement:
      • GetOnYoga will investigate reports and may take appropriate action, including warnings, suspension, or termination of access to our services.
  6. Conclusion
    • This Code of Conduct is a living document that reflects GetOnYoga’s commitment to creating a harmonious community built on respect, integrity, and passion for Yoga. We expect all members of our community to uphold these values and contribute to a positive and enriching experience for everyone involved.