Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Introduction
    This Cancellation and Refund Policy (“Policy”) applies to bookings made through the GetonYoga:Connect (GoY:Connect) Platform located at By making a booking through the Platform, you agree to this Policy.
  2. Cancellation Policy
    • The booking fee is non refundable.
    • This is to discourage casual booking and ensure spot availability for serious students.
    • Listed below are the cancellation policies followed by our partner(s) for bookings made on GoY:Connect
  3. Eligibility:
      • Refunds will be processed in accordance with the criteria mentioned above.
  4. Changes to this Policy
    • We may update this Policy from time to time.
    • Changes will be posted on the Platform, and your continued use of the Platform constitutes acceptance of those changes.
  5. Contact Us
    • For questions or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact:
      GetonYoga Private Limited, 6th Floor, Alappatt Heritage, MG Road, Kochi
      [email protected]